House Prices in New Zealand

nz house prices too high?

Anne Gibson from the NZ Herald, recently wrote an article about a report NZIER Economist Shamubeel Eaqub wrote on the state of the housing market in NZ. Shamubeel has become quite vocal in his opinions on housing over the past couple of years and produced an interesting piece. However, much of the data that Eaqub uses is meaningless without explanation and is used in such a way that it supports his point of view.



Judy tells how abandoned tenancies really work!

Judy Morgan - Property Manager in Whangarei

Dear NZ Government… I am writing to you with grave concerns regarding Section 61 – Abandonment of Premises. I am an Independent Property Manager of some 9 years. Recently I have had a tenant “abandon” the premises. Read more and see the reply!



Can I pump water from a nearby stream?

How to source water from a stream

In areas that are dry or have extensive gardens or orchards, you may require more water than you would like to pay for from a town supply. So how can you do this?



Glenn’s Property Musings Feb 2014

I recently had a distressed call from a young landlord. He said how come you managers have not released the bond for my new tenant who used to rent off you?



The Politics of Housing in NZ

politics of nz housing

There are several things happening on a broad front by Nick Smith. I do wonder if there is some sort of master plan or if he is responding to the many voices screaming for his attention. At times I despair and think he has been taken hostage by the rabble.



Rent Default – Don’t wait for a Tribunal Hearing

tenancy tribunal fine

You have no control over the result of a Tribunal Hearing so get your act together and sort the problem before this last resort has to be used – and that doesn’t mean just going through the motions.