Are you real estate agents?

We are not a real estate agency and we are not associated with any Real Estate company. Who are we? We are private buyers. We are people just like you who simply buy houses from people in all sorts of areas all over town in different price ranges and condition. We don’t list houses – we buy them!

Are there fees and commissions?

You don’t pay us – We pay you! Because we want to buy your house, we pay you, normally all cash on the day of your choice. We don’t charge for our service, providing solutions that meet your needs so you can do business is how we are rewarded.

What happens if my house needs repairs, is a mess, or I’ve got people I don’t want to deal with living there?

We buy houses as is where is and can deal with almost any problem. Simply fill out the confidential questionnaire now to see how we can help you today.

What if I’m facing a mortgagee sale?

Sometimes our clients are in real financial trouble and use our services to avoid the stigma of a mortgagee sale and the loss of credit rating from mounting bad debts. We can help bail you out from your financial worries!

What type of houses do you buy and how much will you give me?

We buy all sorts of properties and pay good money for your house, it really depends on a number of things including: size, condition, location, situation and how we can best meet your needs. Every house and person’s situation are different. We treat everything on a case by-case basis.

How quick a response can I expect from you?

As soon as we receive your online seller questionniare we look at what it is you want and what your situation is. We aim to get back to you ASAP, normally in less than 24hrs.