What sort of houses are you interested in?

We will consider properties in the Northland region. If you’re in another area, drop us an email and we’ll pass it onto an investor in your area who may be able to help.

We generally help people who are in a difficult situation and need to sell their house quickly. It may be a mortgagee sale, relationship break downs, a death in the family or even credit card bills that have reached frightening heights! Perhaps it’s something else all together?

The important thing is that I can only help if your house meets my requirements. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get way above market price for your house, don’t bother calling me. I’m a professional and I do expect to make a fair profit.

Does your property meet my requirements? Fill in the application form and let’s find out. I buy all types of real estate and I’ll quickly determine if your house fits my program. If I don’t end up buying your house, I’ll be happy to share my ideas or advice on what you might try next. You’ll still have all your other options available.