Property Review – Taxes and Tenancy Tribunals

Despite all the law changes the important ones related to rent arrears remain unchanged but the way Tenancy Services and Department of courts deal with cases has changed a bit.



FAQ on RTA Reforms

Frequently asked questions about the The Government’s Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill



Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2020

The proposed amendment states that the current act came into force 30 years ago in 1986. What is not said is that in 1986 at that time New Zealand had an iconic Labour leader David Lange and Roger Douglas was loose on the market.



Why Mediation Services Work

Court litigation can be time consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. Most disputes can be settled by bringing the ongoing problem to the forefront by sitting down with a mediator and being able to talk freely but in strict confidence and without prejudice.



Thanking Tenants with a Gift Basket

Gift Baskets for Tenants

If you’re a landlord, you most likely want to be breaking the stigma that tenants typically don’t have good relationships with their homeowners. While it’s true that some relationships can be trying, if you put in a little effort at …



Meth issues getting more complicated

meth rental insurance

As mentioned in my last newsletter the issues are ongoing. Since writing the April Nelson PIA newsletter I have had a tribunal case involving meth and also aspects of the Osaki case. The adjudicator came from out of town. I …