Eye Bolt Lag Screws are perfect to Build your own Clothes Line

20th August 2013 | By: Dave Smyth

washing line with eyebolt lag screws

Building your own washing line isn’t that hard!

An eye bolt lag screw is a screw which, on one end has a loop, with threads on the other. Generally, eye bolt lag screws are used for securing cables, wires, chains or strings to another surface. Apart from these uses, eye bolt lag screws can serve a number of purposes around your home or workshop. Perhaps you should keep a few handy!

An eye bolt lag screw can either be welded or forged. While forged bolts are made by a bent steel piece and have a loop which is not closed completely, the welded bolts have a circular eye which is fully closed. Both these types of bolts are used for diverse applications. Also the pointed edge of these screws makes them easier to be fixed in wood. You can choose from varied sizes and types, depending on the application where you want to use these screws.

If you prefer DIY projects then building your own clothes line is a fun and functional project that you should definitely try. For this project, you will require;

  • wooden posts
  • ready mix concrete
  • timber cross bars
  • eye bolts
  • plastic rope
  • power drill
  • hex screws/bolts

Fix the posts in the ground using the ready mix concrete. Dig the holes to about 600mm deep and steady the posts in place with spare timber nailed to the post and a peg in the ground. Pour the dry fast set concrete AFTER making sure the posts are straight and water the concrete as per the instructions. It’s a good idea to leave it to cure at least 24 hours before continuing.

Attach the cross bars to the posts using hex bolts or screws and then screw in the eye bolt lag screws on both the cross bars. You can then pass the plastic rope through the eye bolt lag screws and get ready to provide some sunshine to your clothes!

Having a clothesline in your backyard does more than dry your clothes. It also saves a lot of power from using the tumble dryer and you can see a considerable reduction in your utility bills. Just keep in mind some precautions like avoiding placing the poles very far apart, as wet clothes are heavier and the ones hanged in the middle can touch the ground if your plastic rope isn’t taut enough.

eyebolt lag screwEvery material required for making your clothesline should be strong and weather resistant, as it has to withstand various weather conditions. Especially when selecting eye bolt lag screws, make sure to pick up the ones made of a sturdy and durable material, like stainless steel. Using eyebolt lag screws made of stainless steel are the more recommended option. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and can withstand severe weather conditions like sun, rain and marine environments without losing its appeal and structural integrity. It is also a highly strong and durable material, so you will not have to worry about replacing the screws anytime soon.

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