Credit Checks and Meth

In this informative article, discover the latest updates on tenant ratings, privacy rules, and pending meth regulations for landlords in 2023. Illion and NZPIF collaborate to educate landlords on sharing tenant experiences while awaiting crucial decisions post-election.



Pets in Properties

In a pivotal ruling, a tenancy tribunal concluded landlords can’t exclude pets despite lease terms, citing the Residential Tenancies Act. This has stirred a debate on property rights and revealed a larger lesson: landlords fare better focusing on rent issues rather than attempting to manage all tenant behaviours in court.



IRD and the Brightline Tax

Members of Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Committee have been taken on a deep dive into the complexities of the new residential property tax rules.
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) told the committee to keep tax rules simple, otherwise there will be “unintended outcomes and inadvertent non-compliance.”
By unpacking a range of potential property issues in the Taxation and Remedial Matters Bill, CAANZ highlighted the need for simplification.



Property Review – Taxes and Tenancy Tribunals

Despite all the law changes the important ones related to rent arrears remain unchanged but the way Tenancy Services and Department of courts deal with cases has changed a bit.



FAQ on RTA Reforms

Frequently asked questions about the The Government’s Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill



Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill Now Law

Glenn from the Nelson Property Investors Association has put together an abbreviated version of the Act. Landlords and tenants should not rely solely on this, because there are many other very significant changes that if ignored or not followed correctly will result in significant penalties or lost rent and bonds.