Property Inspection Opportunities

A landlord or property manager is legally entitled to inspect a rental property every four weeks. This may not be feasible but other opportunities to see inside a rental unit are available such as when maintenance work is being carried out.



Why Mediation Services Work

Court litigation can be time consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. Most disputes can be settled by bringing the ongoing problem to the forefront by sitting down with a mediator and being able to talk freely but in strict confidence and without prejudice.



They Come And They Go – Landlords That Is!

I do enjoy hearing and communicating with many of you. I have seen my share of happy and less than happy property investors over the years. Not that all PI’s selling are unhappy. A few months ago I got an …



Self resolution of tenancy problems

If you have a tenancy problem the smart thing is to sort it out with your tenant rather than going through the stress of a tenancy tribunal hearing. I have recently done this and both I and the tenant parted …



Are we the most overpriced property market in the world?

The media tells us every second day we are the most overpriced property market in the world Are we really that bad? Who on earth believes that journalists know as much about the market as you and me? Do they …



What happens to old concrete?

Concrete Disposal

Around 850,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste ends up in New Zealand landfills each year.
New constructions consistently replace old ones, but what happens with concrete when it’s served its purpose?