How to Reduce Home Heat Loss

heat loss

Reducing heat loss in a rental property is one great way to keep tenants happy and encourage them to stay longer. When buying a rental property, make sure that you get a proper inspection to check what sort of problems you might have with moisture, ventilation and heating!



What rental property owners should know about lead-based paint

peeling lead paint

Many of us have older rental properties that need a good dose of maintenance from time to time. Be aware that lead paint can be an issue in older properties (mostly prior to 1980) and get the right person to do the job safely.



Wasps in your rental property?

wasp in rental property

Wasp nests are a real problem when heading into the warmer months. A wasp sting can be very painful and in some cases life threatening, so the last thing that you want is a nest growing in or around your rental property.



Do you need a retaining wall?

retaining wall erosion

If there is a sudden, steep change of gradient in the level of the land on your property, or if your foundations are under threat from a sliding hill, you should consider building a retaining wall.



How to test for lead paint

old wooden door with lead paint

Lead paint can be potentially hazardous to your health. How do you tell if a particular coat of paint is lead based? They look the same. It isn’t worth the risk, especially when the risks are so high and the tests for lead paint so easy! Discover if you have lead paint the easy way.



Eye Bolt Lag Screws are perfect to Build your own Clothes Line

washing line with eyebolt lag screws

An eye bolt lag screw is a screw which, on one end has a loop, with threads on the other. Generally, eye bolt lag screws are used for securing cables, wires, chains or strings to another surface. Apart from these …