Self resolution of tenancy problems

If you have a tenancy problem the smart thing is to sort it out with your tenant rather than going through the stress of a tenancy tribunal hearing. I have recently done this and both I and the tenant parted …



Are we the most overpriced property market in the world?

The media tells us every second day we are the most overpriced property market in the world Are we really that bad? Who on earth believes that journalists know as much about the market as you and me? Do they …



What happens to old concrete?

Concrete Disposal

Around 850,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste ends up in New Zealand landfills each year.
New constructions consistently replace old ones, but what happens with concrete when it’s served its purpose?



How will new Government policy affect property investment?

There are a raft of policy changes in the works that affect residential property investments. With brightline tests, capital gains taxes and new requirements for heating and ventilation, the impact is going to be far-reaching.



When to trim your shelterbelts

Shelterbelt Trimming

With the right expertise, a professional trim can also encourage more growth and train the hedge into the shape you want it.



4 ways to remove a tree stump


If you’ve had a tree cut down or a tree on your property has fallen over, you know what an eyesore a tree stump can be. If you leave the stump behind it not only poses a safety risk and …