How will new Government policy affect property investment?

There are a raft of policy changes in the works that affect residential property investments. With brightline tests, capital gains taxes and new requirements for heating and ventilation, the impact is going to be far-reaching.



Washing Your Rental Property

washing rental property

Exterior house washing is more than just making sure everything looks good. Giving your house a regular wash on the outside also helps save money in the long run



When to trim your shelterbelts

Shelterbelt Trimming

With the right expertise, a professional trim can also encourage more growth and train the hedge into the shape you want it.



4 ways to remove a tree stump


If you’ve had a tree cut down or a tree on your property has fallen over, you know what an eyesore a tree stump can be. If you leave the stump behind it not only poses a safety risk and …



Thanking Tenants with a Gift Basket

Gift Baskets for Tenants

If you’re a landlord, you most likely want to be breaking the stigma that tenants typically don’t have good relationships with their homeowners. While it’s true that some relationships can be trying, if you put in a little effort at …



Meth issues getting more complicated

meth rental insurance

As mentioned in my last newsletter the issues are ongoing. Since writing the April Nelson PIA newsletter I have had a tribunal case involving meth and also aspects of the Osaki case. The adjudicator came from out of town. I …