Wasps in your rental property?

wasp in rental property

Wasp nests are a real problem when heading into the warmer months. A wasp sting can be very painful and in some cases life threatening, so the last thing that you want is a nest growing in or around your rental property.



Do you need a retaining wall?

retaining wall erosion

If there is a sudden, steep change of gradient in the level of the land on your property, or if your foundations are under threat from a sliding hill, you should consider building a retaining wall.



So what does an Architect actually do?

Architectural Design

An architect is a highly qualified specialist in all practical, emotional and legal matters relating to the design of buildings, and the extent of their work goes a great deal further than the drawing up of construction plans.



Happy Tenants get a Gift Basket for Christmas

family favourites gift basket

The rewards for treating a tenant well can be huge. Renewed contracts, timely rent and a personal touch can all come from a simple act of kindness over Christmas, but choosing the right gift basket for a tenant at Christmas is vital to convey the right sentiments.



How to test for lead paint

old wooden door with lead paint

Lead paint can be potentially hazardous to your health. How do you tell if a particular coat of paint is lead based? They look the same. It isn’t worth the risk, especially when the risks are so high and the tests for lead paint so easy! Discover if you have lead paint the easy way.



Property Inspection Opportunities

A landlord or property manager is legally entitled to inspect a rental property every four weeks. This may not be feasible but other opportunities to see inside a rental unit are available such as when maintenance work is being carried out.