Is leaving the garden to the tenants a bad idea?

Mowing the lawns

A low maintenance tenancy is an attractive prospect for most landlords. Who wouldn’t want to minimise their expenditure and workload, while maximising their steady profit potential? While the allocation of gardening duties may seem like an easy area in which …



Happy Tenants get a Gift Basket for Christmas

family favourites gift basket

The rewards for treating a tenant well can be huge. Renewed contracts, timely rent and a personal touch can all come from a simple act of kindness over Christmas, but choosing the right gift basket for a tenant at Christmas is vital to convey the right sentiments.



Choosing a property manager

Are you thinking of engaging the services of a professional property manager? Here’s a quick guide from Kerry Fookes, a Christchurch Property Manager, based in Rolleston, Christchurch.



Judy tells how abandoned tenancies really work!

Judy Morgan - Property Manager in Whangarei

Dear NZ Government… I am writing to you with grave concerns regarding Section 61 – Abandonment of Premises. I am an Independent Property Manager of some 9 years. Recently I have had a tenant “abandon” the premises. Read more and see the reply!



Rent Default – Don’t wait for a Tribunal Hearing

tenancy tribunal fine

You have no control over the result of a Tribunal Hearing so get your act together and sort the problem before this last resort has to be used – and that doesn’t mean just going through the motions.



Property Manager Gets Trespass Order from Tenant!

Judy Morgan - Property Manager in Whangarei

I guess you never stop learning! I have a tenant in a block of flats, who has been disturbing the peace and quiet of fellow tenants. After receiving plenty of warning, another complaint saw me knocking on his door. I …